American Aid Foundation


Homeless Comfort & Care

 Providing Comfort & Care To Veterans And Others That Are Homeless

The American Aid Foundation is dedicated to helping out our homeless Americans, especially homeless Veterans! We feel the plight of the homeless Veterans is an especially sad one because those who put their lives on the line for our freedom should NEVER have to deal with not having a roof over their head or a meal to eat! Please help us relieve the hopelessness that these homeless Veterans and other homeless experience by generously donating to the American Aid Foundation so that together we may help to eliminate the tragedy of homelessness.

Personal Hygiene, Comfort Items, Food Needed For
Homeless Veterans and Other Homeless!

The American Aid Foundation is asking you to consider donating personal hygiene and comfort items to go along with the food we already deliver to the homeless Veterans and other homeless directly on the streets that they are sadly living on (through our Homeless Comfort & Care program). With winter coming, it is the time of year we gear up in collecting not only food and personal hygiene items (soap, shaving items, deodorants etc.) but comfort items (blankets, pillows, towels, wash towels, coats etc. **new items only please**) that will be needed through the Winter months. You can check out our Wish List to see more details of what is needed for our Homeless Comfort & Care program. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at (847) 363-1332 or you may eMail us at to arrange for drop-off or pickup (for larger donations). If your company, club, organization or religious group would like to sponsor a fundraising or collection of these needed items please feel free to contact us and we can assist you in getting the word out to the public through press releases and other venues to help maximize your exposure for the event.


Delivering Goodies To Homeless

Delivering some goodies to one of the homeless shelters we serve.